Diveil Surface Sensor - Partner in your process supervision

The Diveil Surface Sensor (DSS) is highly innovative within the scope of online, in real-time monitoring techniques for fouling phenomenon. It overcomes the problems associated with traditional methods (like process performance or quality of the final product).
The major outcome of the DSS is that it provides information about the attached layers which enables not only the implementation of pro-active, timely and supported counter-measures but also the assessment of efficacy of such measurements.

The main features of the DSS are:

- non-intrusive measurement;
- online, real-time information;
- the deposit information is integrated over a large area (avoids biasing problems);
- it mimics the temperature and hydrodynamic conditions of the heat exchanger;
- the information is centralized on a web-based platform;
The diveil surface sensor, was developed under the Vibs Project:
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